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The Azienda agricola Fassera is a family-run dairy farm located in Isola Dovarese (Cremona, Italy). In 2013 the cattle breeding with robotic milking was started with as many as 50 Italian Friesian dairy cows as well as a few pets. In 2021, an agricultural dairy was also inaugurated to produce soft cheeses, hard cheeses, and other dairy products.

In 2021, the Fassera family decides to equip its Citroen Jumper with a Coldtainer F0330/NDN (ATP FRAX class), to transport the cheese they produce at controlled temperatures. Rossana Fassera said: “Producing and trading dairy foods we have a legal obligation to maintain the cold chain, therefore we needed an ATP approved vehicle. However, buying a refrigerated van was not an ideal solution for us. By making numerous town markets we needed to transport our products at a controlled temperature, but also to use the rest of the vehicle for the equipment and other objects necessary to set up the counter at the market. For us, the Coldtainer proved to be an ideal choice because we already owned a non-refrigerated vehicle and equipping it with a mobile refrigerator was the simplest and cheapest solution. Coldtainer proved to be the right compromise, because the compactness of the refrigerator leaves the necessary space on board for market furniture and other products to be transported at room temperature".



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