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Who we are

Coldtainer is a registered trademark of Euroengel, an Italian SME that has been designing and manufacturing 12V portable refrigerators since 1993. Over the years, Euroengel has specialized in the design of mobile solutions for professional refrigerated transport, becoming a global reference point for the sector.
Euroengel’s unique know-how in the design of isothermal containers with rotational molding technology, of the specific production tools, of 12V refrigeration units suitable for continuous use in vehicles even on rough roads, guarantees the execution of unique products for performance, quality and durability.


Offer to professionals flexible, efficient and economical solutions for all new refrigerated transport needs for which traditional solutions (insulated vehicle with built-in cooling unit) are not the optimal one.
Non-continuous refrigerated transport needs, transport of limited volumes, need to transport different types of products with different temperatures, sampling transport: for these and many other needs the use of Coldtainer mobile refrigerators on board of standard commercial vehicles is certainly competitive in terms of purchase and management costs compared to the use of specific vehicles. Not to mention the low residual value of a specific insulated vehicle at the end of its life cycle compared to the commercial value of a standard van without any modification, used to transport the Coldtainer refrigerated containers.


Since 1993 Euroengel offers innovative solutions in the field of 12V mobile refrigerators, starting with the first small fully recyclable portable fridge designed and built at the beginning of the business. Coldtainer is an evolutionary program that sees the constant introduction of new features, new models and new concepts of use. Euroengel Research and Development Team is currently working to further develop the AuO concept of fridge with built-in battery to make it increasingly suitable for use on electric vehicles for urban distribution and also for the development of large containers for logistics, as well as in the AuO version.

Know-How Technology

Double-walled single bodies, without joints and thermal bridges, with rounded internal corners.

Light and resistant, equipped with a perfect dimensional and qualitative constancy, piece by piece. Perfect thermal insulation, thanks to the consistency of the combination between the outer walls of the polyethylene containers (PE, food grade and resistant to UV rays) and the polyurethane foam insulation (PU) injected into the cavities.

12V refrigeration units designed to combine the best performance with the lowest energy consumption, resistant to continuous use even in the presence of constant vibrations.

Available features thanks to Euroengel’s know-how in the design and production of large containers to be built with rotational molding technology (and related production equipment), as well as in the design and construction of tens of thousands of 12V refrigeration units produced in 25 years of activity.

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