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Coldtainer mobile refrigerators can be used by logistic companies to offer their customers a refrigerated transport service for small and medium volumes (LTL) of perishable goods on board of their standard vehicles, without the need for investment in special vehicles and infrastructures.
Coldtainer models of the Logistics series with their floor dimensions compatible with the industry standards (EUR/UK/US pallets), are mainly designed for medium – long distance point – to – point transport.
The future availability of specific AuO versions with autonomous operation up to 72 hours will add further flexibility to the Coldtainer proposal for logistics.

Among companies we address:

  • Express couriers
  • International transport companies
  • Logistic service companies specialized in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Refrigerated transport companies, for double temperature transport

Among types of transportable products:

  • Non-frozen food
  • Frozen products
  • Biomedical products

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