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Coldtainer, the most ecological choice.

Due to a careful research on the reduction of refrigerated transport costs, Euroengel srl finds the best solution: Coldtainer.

At the core of the global debate on environmental policies there is a long-standing desire to drastically reduce emissions from transport. In the light of increased awareness of these pollution sources, it is worth considering that, in the food trade sector and beyond, refrigerated transport generates more emissions than transport at ambient temperature, due to the additional quantities of fuel for cooling and coolant leaks.

For this reason, Euroengel srl, which has been operating in the controlled temperature transport sector since 1993, has promoted a study aimed at showing the benefits of using portable refrigerated units (PRU) compared to traditional insulation, in a comparison between long distance and multidrop.

According to the research, conducted by the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Brescia, using Coldtainer products, the brand under which Euroengel markets mobile refrigerators powered by the vehicle battery, leads to cost savings of 45%.  This considerable reduction is attributable to the reduction in initial costs for vehicle insulation, a clear reduction in fuel and coolant consumption, minor maintenance and better preservation of product quality.

The most surprising statistic concerns the environmental impact; with Coldtainer the CO2 emissions saving for the transport of fresh products is around 33-34% while for frozen products it is around 37-38%. Compared to traditional refrigerated transport, driven by the vehicle engine with diesel as fuel source, it is therefore a highly ecological solution.

Thanks to the construction features of Coldtainer, the greatest cause of pollution in the cold chain, the loss of refrigerant gas, is eliminated.  All this is made possible by the use of hermetic compressors and seamless systems with connections, elements that are normally absent in aftersale equipment.  Compared to an insulated vehicle, the total weight of the vehicle on which the portable refrigeration unit is loaded will be lower, resulting in a further reduction in fuel consumption. Installed with ease and removed with equal ease, Coldtainer is a totally reversible solution that gives the vehicle a higher residual value compared to an ordinary refrigerated van.

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