Battery powered refrigerated containers for electrical vans
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models with built-in battery and totally autonomous operation.

Our solution for e-mobility.

We have developed versions of several Coldtainer models with battery and battery charger included, for an autonomous operation without the need of a connection to the battery of the vehicle
The Coldtainers AuO are perfect to use on electric commercial vehicles for the urban distribution of perishable goods. The e-Delivery with Coldtainer is already a possible and efficient reality.

AuO: ideal for electric vehicles.

Urban goods transport will be increasingly encouraged to use 100% electric vehicles.

Last mile distribution in urban environments will be increasingly encouraged to use 100% electric commercial vehicles.

Taking note of this market trend, OEMs are offering interesting solutions with sufficient autonomy for daily use at reasonable costs.

There are, however, contraindications in case of the refrigerated conversion of electric vans:

  • the weight of the fiberglass insulation, that increases the vehicle’s tare, by decreasing its autonomy;
  • the use of high power consumption electric roof-mounted refrigeration units, with the need to install large-capacity batteries, with the corresponding weight and cost increases.

The Coldtainer AuO models can be used immediately on standard electric vans, without any modification to the vehicle, guaranteeing daily operation.
The on-board battery of the AuO is recharged from the AC mains during vehicle parking period, thanks to the included battery charger.


Currently the Coldtainer F0140, F0330 and F0720 models are normally available as AuO, with a single battery sufficient to operate autonomously during a daily work cycle.

The AuO versions are equipped with VRLA gel batteries, totally safe, with good resistance to vibrations and a use life of more than 600 charging cycles. The included chargers are of 5-phase charge switching type, including the floting phase. Battery and charger are included within the refrigerator dimensions.

The maximum recharging time of the built-in battery is approximately 8 hours. The battery charger can also be used to power the Coldtainer, while maintaining the internal temperature.

Refrigerated container 140 liters - Coldtainer F0140 - AuO

F0140 AuO



140 l

Product details
Refrigerated container 330 liters - Coldtainer F0330 - AuO

F0330 AuO



330 l

Product details
Refrigerated container 720 liters - Coldtainer F0720 - AuO

F0720 AuO



720 l

Product details


Euroengel is able to offer, at customer request, special solutions of some of its larger models with multiple batteries for autonomous operation up to 72 hours.
These special versions are designed for use by logistics operators for LTL (less than truckload) point – to – point transport on medium and long distances.

The availability of AuO Coldtainer with extended autonomy allows the optimization of loads, cost reduction and an excellent investment return.

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