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GMO LINEA ALIMENTI (Food wholesalers)

GMO Linea Alimenti is a family business of food wholesalers born in 2006 in Valle Camonica, more precisely in Pian Camuno in the province of Brescia (Italy). The wholesale mainly trades products for bakeries and pizzerias (bread, focaccia and baked sweets), overseeing a sales area that goes from Lake Iseo to Ponte di Legno and Aprica.

Manuel Giudici, owner of GMO Linea Alimenti reports: “We have always used traditional refrigerated vans, which for us represented an inefficient solution, because we have a limited volume of products to transport at controlled temperatures and the insulation greatly penalized the capacity of the vehicle. In fact, most of our references are made up of products at room temperature, while we only transport two quintals of fresh product.

We solved this problem when we discovered the Coldtainer, a mobile refrigerator that can be loaded with a forklift inside a normal van, using only a part of the load compartment and only when it is actually needed. On days when we only have to transport products at room temperature, such as flour, we can easily remove the refrigerator and use all the capacity of the van. These are the reasons that led us to choose to equip our Mercedes Sprinters with Coldtainer F0720".



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