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LATTERIA SORESINA (dairy company)

Latteria Soresina was founded in 1900 as a cooperative society with the aim of collecting and processing milk and marketing dairy products. The dairy company of Cremona produces on average about 1,400 tons of milk per day; with these quantities it is among the first three milk collection companies in Italy. The marketed brands are: Latteria Soresina, Gran Soresina, Latte Milano, Latte Bergamo, Latte Clab, Pavilat and Brescialat. Latteria Soresina's mission is to obtain customer satisfaction to maintain its leadership in the markets of Grana Padano, Burro, Provolone and high-quality milk.

Thanks to the Coldtainer models, Latteria Soresina guarantees the temperature-controlled transport of milk samples for quality control. The transport is therefore fundamental for the maintenance of the samples in their initial characteristics and for the correct analysis in the laboratory. The top loader Coldtainer models T0022 and T0032, used on board of tanker vehicles, ensure a correct and safe transport of the milk sample maintaining the cold chain from the moment of collection until delivery to the plant where the analysis of the parameters for the evaluation of milk quality will take place.

The professional portable models T0022 and T0032 are ideal for transporting samples for small quantities of product. Among the features of the containers are the top loader opening, the digital display and the HACCP/Bluetooth interface optional. The reduced dimensions make these models easily loadable and unloadable and adaptable to any type of vehicle. Manufactured using the rotational moulding process, they have no internal joints and therefore no thermal bridges, maintaining excellent performance and constant temperature throughout the entire duration of transport. The containers are made of food grade polyethylene and are designed in compliance with HACCP norm.

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