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18 October 2021

Coldtainer at Parcel+Post Expo 2021

The Coldtainer F0330 / NDN mobile refrigerator was exhibited at Parcel + Post Expo in Vienna by our partner Gaius Automotive.

Parcel + Post Expo, the leading event for e-commerce logistics and the postal industries, met with great public interest this year. In fact, starting from 2020, due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, the logistics and delivery sector has played a fundamental role keeping the world in touch. We are pleased to collaborate with Gaius Automotive and to contribute, with our containers, to create innovative transport solutions.

Coldtainer_F0330_Parcel_Post_01 Coldtainer_F0330_Parcel_Post_02 Coldtainer_F0330_Parcel_Post_03 Coldtainer_F0330_Parcel_Post_04 Coldtainer_F0330_Parcel_Post_05


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