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13 June 2022

Coldtainer for AVIS Parma: temperature controlled transport of blood

AVIS, the largest Italian volunteer organization for blood donation, guarantees about 80% of the national blood needs. Over 1,300,000 members contribute each year to the collection of over 2,000,000 units of blood and its derivatives. AVIS is present throughout Italy with over 3400 offices.

The Parma's AVIS collection unit carries out the daily transfer of blood, blood components and biological qualification samples from the collection sites in Parma to the Transfusion Service for processing and distribution.

In 2021, after the disposal of an old refrigerated vehicle used for the transport of blood, the association were looking for a new solution to set up a FIAT Doblò vehicle. Eventually, AVIS chose the Coldtainer F0140 12V mobile refrigerator.

Parma's AVIS has chosen the Coldtainer F0140 model, in the NDH version with automatic cooling and heating system, for the perfect maintenance of the internal temperature from a minimum of 0°C to a maximum of +30°C, even in extreme climatic conditions. Furthermore, it is equipped with a special optional module with Bluetooth interface, for monitoring temperatures during transport (every 5 minutes) and exporting a summary file in Excel and / or PDF format. It can also be powered by AC mains, thus allowing the unit's pre-cooling.

Parma's AVIS declares: "The Coldtainer refrigerator has brilliantly passed the qualification tests required by our quality system and over time has maintained the technical characteristics for which it was chosen. After about a year of use, the refrigerator is considered a reliable and adequate device for the transport of blood and blood components".

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