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24 June 2020

Coldtainer is CAST Alimenti’s Platinum Partner

A partnership is starting between Euroengel srl, with its mobile fridges’ brand Coldtainer® and CAST Alimenti  (Food, Art, Science and Technology Centre) which since 1997 has offered advanced training and specialization courses for all the professions of taste, addressing young people as well as professionals.

The Euroengel’ desire to train and innovate is the reason of this partnership. Euroengel srl, with its range of refrigerated isothermal containers Coldtainer®, will accompany CAST Alimenti by providing its know-how regarding the temperature controlled transport topic, which is really important for the present and future of the food sector.

Euroengel srl declares its satisfaction about this new experience and it hopes that the dialogue with CAST Alimenti will lead to positive results already in 2020.

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