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16 February 2021

#Focus on Multi-temperature

One of the most important advantages of the Coldtainer range is the possibility of carrying out multi-temperature transport by combining one or more refrigerated isothermal containers within the same commercial vehicle. Traditional single-temperature refrigerated vans do not allow the simultaneous transport of fresh / frozen or dry / fresh / frozen products, and vehicles with double compartmentalization are complex and expensive to implement. The flexibility of the Coldtainer models makes it possible to optimize the space inside the load compartment and to carry out split transport, which is a primary need for many companies in the food sector, especially food wholesalers. In this sector, the need to transport fresh, frozen and room temperature foodstuffs at the same time is becoming increasingly widespread. Thanks to Coldtainers, these companies can transport different categories of products with a single, non-insulated vehicle.

The versatility of the Coldtainer product also satisfies the needs of those who own an FNAX refrigerated vehicle and want to dedicate a part of their business to frozen foods: by positioning a Coldtainer FDN model (ATP FRCX class certified) in a portion of the vehicle, it is possible to transport fresh and frozen products at a controlled temperature at the same time. The structural characteristics of the Coldtainer models make it possible to safely place one or more mobile refrigerators inside already insulated vehicles. In this case it is preferable to prefer the AuO solutions that operate totally autonomously and independently of the vehicle. These do not require connection to the van battery.

Equally widespread is the use of portable refrigerated units for the transport of drugs and biological products. More and more companies specializing in pharmaceutical/medical logistics require multi-temperature units, for example the simultaneous transport of several blood components. By combining different Coldtainers in the NDH or FDH versions, it is possible to transport erythrocyte concentrates (+2/+6°C), platelet concentrates (+20/+24°C) and frozen plasma (-20°C) simultaneously, meeting the required temperatures with the utmost precision.

Made of polyethylene for food use and designed in compliance with H.A.C.C.P. regulations, Coldtainer mobile refrigerators are the ideal choice for storing perishable goods at different temperatures without any promiscuity.

Coldtainer_Ducato_multitemp_F0330_combo_1 Coldtainer_Ducato_multitemp_F0330_combo_4 Coldtainer_Ducato_multitemp_F0720_F0330_combo_2 Coldtainer_Ducato_multitemp_F0330_combo_3 Coldtainer_Ducato_multitemp_F0720_F0330_combo_1 Coldtainer_Ducato_multitemp_F0720_F0330_combo_4 F0720 FRC SU DUCATO FNAX


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