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28 October 2020

#Focus on Vending: Coldtainer for food and beverage vending industry

Among the fields of application of the professional mobile refrigerators Coldtainer®, Vending, or the automatic machines of drinks and food, is one of the most interesting sector. Coldtainer has the main national companies as customers and it’s a landmark for operators throughout Italy. The model that best suits the needs of vending professionals is the F0140 / NDN, a compact and small size model that allows to realize the fractioned transport inside any commercial vehicle.

Talking about products intended for vending machines, coffee and water (which usually represent the largest load for distributors) do not need a temperature controlled transport. On the other hand for the transport and distribution of snacks and food (which represent about 10% of the total load) a temperature of + 4 ° C (+ 39 ° F) is required. Coldtainer® meets this need with a small investment: in fact it’s not necessary to have a dedicated refrigerated van but it’s possible to equip the vehicles with the portable refrigerator, obtaining significant economic savings as well as optimizing the management of distribution operation.

More specifically, among the most significant advantages of the ATP approved Coldtainer®F0140 refrigerated isothermal container, there are the weight of only 50 kg, which minimally affects fuel consumption, and the front opening that facilitates product loading.

Furthermore, with Coldtainer® even long stops with the engine off, during food and beverage delivery, are not a problem thanks to the excellent performance and the high thermal insulation. Thanks to the structural characteristics of mobile refrigerators designed as unique bodies without joints, there is no risk of excessive absorption of the vehicle battery.

For companies more focused on the automatic fresh products’ distribution, another option is the F0330 model, which guarantees the same performance with a larger capacity.

Contenitore refrigerato da 140 litri Contenitore refrigerato da 140 litri, interno Coldtainer_vending_van_2_jpeg


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