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11 January 2021

New Coldtainer T0300 for transport at ultra-low temperatures (-70 ° C)

The world of logistics is called to start large-scale distributions of vaccines against Covid19 virus. Coldtainer, which has always been supporting pharmaceutical companies in the temperature-controlled transport of pharmacological and biomedical products, has also accepted this challenge.

To fulfil the distribution needs of the vaccine produced by the American company Pfizer, whose doses require storage at -70 ° C, Coldtainer has implemented its range with the T0300 model, specially designed for the transport and storage of perishable goods at ultra-low temperature (-70 ° C) through the usage of dry ice. Like all professional mobile refrigerators in range, the new T0300 top loader passive container is manufactured with rotational moulding technology.

Among the features of the model with 300 liters of gross internal volume, there are: hinges and lid locking mechanism in stainless steel; special low temperature silicone door gasket; gas jacks supporting the lid for an easy and safe opening and drain plug.

As the Pfizer company announced, the vaccine can be stored for 5 days at +5 ° / + 8 ° C. Therefore, the NDH and FDH models of all Coldtainer refrigerated isothermal containers are also available for last mile distribution.


Test carried out on product:

Test made in climatic chamber at constant ambient temperature +32°C

Temperature sensor* located in the center of a carton box. Carton box placed in the T0300 container and surrounded with dry ice

* Testo Saveris 2-T2 officially calibrated data logger

Time with internal temperature inside the carton box at <-70°C without dry ice replenishment : from 17:40 of December 29th, 2020 to 08:40 of January 3rd, 2021. Total 110 hours

Coldtainer_T0300_1 _lr Coldtainer_T0300_2 _lr Coldtainer_T0300_3 _lr Coldtainer_T0300_4 _lr Coldtainer_T0300_5 _lr Coldtainer_T0300_7 _lr T0300_-70°C- grafico


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