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6 October 2020

The AuO range has been enhanced: new T0056 and T0082 with removable battery

The range of professional portable refrigerators Coldtainer® expands its product’s range with autonomous operation AuO by introducing the T0056 and T0082 models. Designed for electric cars but suitable for any type of vehicles, they work completely independently thanks to the a removable and interchangeable battery, a first for the Coldtainer® world. The battery, light and with long autonomy, guarantees excellent performance and the duration can be increased with a spare backup battery. Ideal for carrying samples or small quantities of product, they can also be used on board cars.

Two versions are available: FDN up to -21 ° C, FDH from + 30 ° C down to -21 ° C. The FDN version is suitable for the fresh and frozen products’s transport, the FDH version with automatic hot / cold system is designed for pharmaceutical and biological products’ transportation in all environmental conditions. The capacity of the containers, which are made by rotational molding without internal edges and joints, is respectively 56 liters and 82 liters (gross internal capacity). The top-class PU insulation (8.5 / 9 / 10.5 cm) guarantees energy efficiency and lower consumption.

Find out more about the characteristics of the new AuO top loader models.

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