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AZIENDA FRATELLI ANTOCI (frozen food wholesalers)

The Fratelli Antoci company was founded in Cuneo in 1971 as a dealership of Cecchi, a historic company in Turin specialized in the production of packaged ice cream. Since then the company has operated continuously in the wholesale distribution of ice cream and, while expanding the variety of products and services offered, has always maintained its family character.

Fabrizio Antoci reports: "We have chosen to equip two of our vans with Coldtainer F0720/FDN (up to -24°C) because we wanted to use small commercial vehicles to deliver frozen foods so as to use a single vehicle both to collect orders than to deliver them. In the past, our salesmen went to collect the orders with a car, and later an operator with a refrigerated truck went to the same customers to make the delivery. Now, on the other hand, we can offer an extra service to the customer, especially if they need quick delivery or a few pieces, thus guaranteeing immediate order fulfilment. This mix between attempted sale and pre-sale is a plus of our commercial service that we have created thanks to Coldtainer".


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